Raising a Family

Starting Over Again

"I thought I was going to go home, but I met my second husband."

"I [worked as a nurse] for a while, at Piedmont Hospital, and...and so...then of course, I had [Eric/Erik]. It was a little hard being a nurse and caring for a baby, if you want to do it the “real” way, you know, close nursing and being there yourself, so...I learned to be a preschool teacher, which was sort of fun, and helped, you know, start a little preschool in—it’s right by Druid Hills and, you know, Ponce de Leon. So...that was nice. So I basically came across town to teach there, but I met wonderful people that I’m still in touch with, so...sometimes, they say, there’s a reason why you do what you do and what you don’t do.

And...well, sixteen years later, after my marriage, I was married to my first husband in the church where I was baptized and confirmed, and married in. And...he found somebody else and he moved to Seattle, so—but lo and behold, I thought I was going to go home, but I met my second husband. He was also a bicyclist, so there we go. [Chuckles]. I bicycle commuted all these years to work and even to Druid Hills. There’s some hilly streets over there. [Chuckles].

And then I had another son, and that’s Chris."