Battle Injury

Risky Recovery

"Beautiful colors going down my leg to my knee"

"We were picked up the next day by a Greek destroyer. And they took me into Algiers to the hospital. And of course the only thing they know to do in these army hospitals is cut your leg off if something’s wrong with you...They were gonna take my leg off. Of course I had gangrene set in my, in my groin, and a knot as big as my fist in purple and blue - those beautiful colors going down my leg to my knee. So I got up when they told me what they were gone do and dressed and went back to my base. And there was a lieutenant Bud Yavlow, doctor, and I told him to put hot compacts on my leg. I thought that would cure it. And they did. And he operated on me two days later. He didn’t operate. He just punctured the area and drained, let it drain, which hurt like the dickens."